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About the artist

Your life is a blank canvas… And I hope my paintings can inspire you to create a life filled with love and passion, beautiful moments and peace from within yourself. I do what I love to fill my canvas and I hope you do too.
The reason I paint and the way I do it all has to do with layers, imperfections and appreciating the smaller things in life. When I paint from my heart I flow and let the paint do whatever it’s meant to do. I keep the drips knowing that someone will find them beautiful, I put new layers on top and let the old memories shine through to tell a story and give them life. I love to paint big and bold with no expectation of what the finished piece will look like. To me it’s like going on an adventure without having to leave home, some days are a struggle and I get nowhere and others days I find gold, everything fills my heart and I find wonderful imperfections in the paintings in the same way that I find them in life.
I hope I can inspire you to notice the small things in life, and the differences that can make things beautiful and unique. I do what I love and I hope you do too.
I’m originally from Northern Ireland and a big piece of my heart still lives there, but my home is in the pretty little city of Barrie, just north of Toronto, Canada. I still love to travel back to N. Ireland to see friends and family, the green rolling hills and the cold ocean water. I love the warm summers in Canada and like to hibernate in the snowy winter time, as it makes for the perfect time to paint.